Facebook has rolled out an enterprise-focused version of its popular social network called Facebook at Work. It's billed as a service to give companies a place for their employees to connect and collaborate that's free of distractions and prying eyes associated with the standard version

Facebook at Work looks and acts much like the site most people are accustomed to. Users will find a News Feed that shows what's new and relevant at your company, public and private messaging as well as groups.

While it's technically possible to create such "business" relationships and connections as-is, Facebook at Work gives individuals the power to keep their business and personal interactions separate.

Facebook at Work is an interesting approach for the social network. I say that because there's no shortage of sites and services that allow employees under the same roof - or anywhere in the world, for that matter - to collaborate and share ideas. Popular examples include Trello, Yammer, Red Pen and HipChat, just to name a few.

What's more, it's unclear exactly how Zuckerberg and company plan to make money from Facebook at Work. Those that have been invited to try out the pilot are getting to use it for free although it isn't out of the question to see Facebook introduce a subscription model or advertising in order to generate revenue.

Although the app is available for download in the App Store, you can't do anything with it unless your employer is already set up to use it. No word yet on when Facebook plans to roll the service out to the general public.