Twitter has launched a new feature that lets you catch up with tweets that you might have missed. Appropriately dubbed While you were away, the feature is currently rolling out to iOS users, and is expected to arrive on Android and the Web soon.

The way the feature works: if you haven't checked in on the microblogging service for a while, it will put some of the best tweets, determined by engagement and other factors, since the last time you checked in at the top of your feed.

As you might expect, the recap will appear more often for those who check in on Twitter less frequently, but if you spend a lot of time on the service already, you'll see it less. According to New York Times, there's currently no way to turn the feature off, although if you dismiss it enough times by hitting the X at the top of the summary, recaps will appear less often.

The While you were away feature was first announced in November last year, and it started rolling out to a limited number of users at the end of December.

This isn't the first time Twitter has made changes to users' timelines – back in August last year, the company introduced a feature that would add content to your timeline from people you don't follow.