Dropbox has been detailing the US government's requests for user data since 2012, but it has never revealed data requests from beyond American borders. Well, that's no longer the case in the company's latest transparency report.

The report reveals that from July 1 through December 31 of 2014, the cloud storage company received a total of 275 government data requests (up from the 268 it reported the numbers last time), of which 20 came from other countries. France and Germany topped that list with 5 requests each.

"People all over the world use Dropbox and we're committed to informing and protecting all of our users, no matter where they live," the company said.

The report now also covers the number of accounts affected by these requests, which stands at around 1,018, as well as how Dropbox responded to them – the company handed over information on 789 of these accounts.

Dropbox said it is committed to giving notice to users whose data is being sought, revealing what information is being requested and when the company will provide it. However, as per data listed in the current report, the company notified only 178 of the 789 users whose accounts were affected, suggesting that it was legally prohibited from doing so in most of the cases.

Finally, the company also vowed to continue fighting against governments whenever they try to keep requests secret.