Dropbox's latest transparency report includes requests from non-US governments

  1. Dropbox has been detailing the US government's requests for user data since 2012, but it has never revealed data requests from beyond American borders. Well, that's no longer the case in the company's latest transparency report.

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  2. I have my own owncloud server sitting right next to my desktop... I would suggest everyone do ot, it's simple and just as good of not better than Dropbox.
  3. OneSpeed

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    I'm in! How do I access your cloud?
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  4. As someone who had his cloud server stolen during home invasion, I would beg to differ. Just stick with Dropbox and use third-party encryption (e.g Boxcryptor). Even if the government does request my data, they wouldn't be able to break my encyption in a reasonable amount of time.

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