Ever wondered what a DSLR camera looks like when it's taking a photo? If you have, you probably haven't been able to see it with your naked eye, because the mirror and shutter move far too quickly. Instead you're left with a flash of black and an iconic clicking noise as the mechanical shutter activates.

So to discover what's actually going on inside your camera when you press the shutter button, you'll need to record it at 10,000 frames per second, then slow it down. The fantastic Slow Mo Guys have managed to do just that, capturing a Canon 7D shutter at up to a 1/8000s exposure to see how the mechanical portion of a DSLR functions.

The results are quite fascinating, showing the mirror pop out of the way before the shutter activates. You can even see the effects of a rolling shutter, which is explained fully in the video above.

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