YouTube has launched a new experiment that puts the viewer in control of the action… well, sort of. The feature I’m referring to allows users to switch between multiple different camera angles while a video is playing (and I do mean “video” as there’s currently only one clip that supports the feature).

To demonstrate Choose Your View, YouTube partnered with popular indie artist Madilyn Bailey. The technical team used her performance during YouTube Music Night last December to create a multi-angle video.

To switch views, simply click on one of the four different camera feed thumbnails on the right side of the clip as its playing. Alternately, viewers can use the left and right arrow keys on their keyboard or numbers 1-4 to switch cameras.

YouTube suggests holding down each key for a smoother transition although I didn’t run into any issues when testing it out. Switching between feeds felt natural, almost as if I was watching a live performance on television except I was the video director.

While certainly a step forward, it’s worth pointing out that YouTube isn’t the first company to try their hand at multi-view videos as names like Streamweaver and Switchcam immediately come to mind.

Of course, trying to implement a feature like this is tough – just ask Switchcam as they’ve already shut down. But if any video sharing service has the power and versatility to pull it off, it’s YouTube. Just last month, for example, it was revealed that YouTube would soon be adding support for 360-degree videos