A game seeking funding on Indiegogo has recreated the RMS Titanic, putting players in control of Robert Morgan as he races to clear his name and escape the ill-fated ship as it begins to sink in real-time.

As outlined in the video pitch for the campaign, gamers are free to choose exactly how they want to live out the ship's remaining hours and minutes after colliding with an iceberg in the North Atlantic.

What makes Titanic: Honor and Glory so appealing is the level of detail and authenticity that's going into it. According to its creators, they performed massive amounts of research and consulted with some of the world's top Titanic experts in an effort to recreate the ship just as it was when it set sail in 1912.

The game offers two modes of play. In story mode, gamers fill the role of the aforementioned Morgan as he works to clear his name of "horrible crimes" for which the police are actively pursuing him. Free roam mode, meanwhile, allows users to do just that - roam the city of Southampton, the docks and the ship with no objectives, minimal crowds and no time limits.

If you're a history buff or are otherwise interested in a unique style of gameplay, this might be worth a look.

For all of the progress the design team has made thus far (this is phase three of the project), there's still a lot of work left to do. They're seeking out $250,000 to help continue moving forward. If you're interested in helping out, a $50 pledge will guarantee you a digital download of the completed game when the time comes.