3D printers are finally coming down in price. As of writing, there are plenty of options that check in around the $500 mark but if that's still a bit more coin than you wish to part with, this unibody 3D printer currently being funded on Kickstarter is certainly worth looking into.

The 3D printer in question is called the Tiko and it's designed to address some key pain points in the industry. Many 3D printers you'll find today are heavy, complicated and unreliable and as noted in the company's pitch video, users often spend more time calibrating their printers than actually printing stuff.

Tiko solves these concerns with a unibody design that virtually eliminates the calibration process. It's also incredibly light at just 3.7 pounds with an equally slim footprint that won't take over your workstation.

Tiko is a delta 3D printer that uses three sets of arms moving in unison to control the print head. It supports an array of printing materials including PLA, ABS and nylon and features a print resolution that goes down to just 50 microns. Other notable specs include a print volume of 138.3 cubic inches and a maximum nozzle temperature of 250 C.

But the best part about the Tiko 3D printer is the price. A pledge of $179 is all that's needed to secure an order (includes one standard 1kg spool of 1.75mm filament). The initial batch of printers is expected to ship this November as the company has already blown past its $100,000 funding goal.