A new study courtesy of the Pew Research Center is giving us a better idea of how Americans are using the internet. While we previously knew from past studies that around 89% of all adult Americans use the internet regularly, new data says that around 7% of those in the US rely on a mobile device for access.

While most have more than one device whether it be a laptop, tablet, smartphone or desktop computer to access the net, there is apparently a small portion of the population in the US that can only access it via their phone. The study says that this small percentage is mainly made up of poorer minorities that are less educated. About 15% of Americans between the age of 18 and 29 are completely dependent on a phone for web access, according to Pew.

The study clearly points at lower income households being more likely to only access the web on mobile, as only 1% of homes that brought in more than $75K fell in this bracket.

The data also showed that those making less than $30,000 a year were about 4 times more likely to submit a job application using a smartphone than those with higher yearly earnings. The 7% in question also "frequently" reached data limits and nearly 25% of them have had their service suspended at some point or other because they couldn't afford it.

The data from the research was gathered from October through December of last year. You can get more details and a full break down of the findings here.