In a decision that will no doubt set precedent, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Matthew Cooper has granted a woman permission to serve her husband divorce papers via Facebook.

According to a report from NY Daily News, 26-year-old nurse Ellanora Baidoo tied the knot with Victor Sena Blood-Dzraku in a civil ceremony in 2009. The two disagreed on how the wedding ceremony would play out and thus, they never consummated or even moved in together.

Baidoo's lawyer, Andrew Spinnell, said Blood-Dzraku doesn't want a divorce and has only kept in touch with his wife sporadically by phone and on Facebook. His last known address was vacated in 2011 and he currently has no permanent address or employment according to the judge. He also refuses to make himself available to be served divorce papers.

As per judge's orders, Baidoo's attorney will submit divorce papers via Facebook private message to Blood-Dzraku once a week for three consecutive weeks or until he acknowledges receiving them. The publication notes that the first Facebook serving went out last week with no response.

This method is far from ideal, however, as the judge listed a number of concerns regarding delivery via Facebook. For example, the account Blood-Dzraku is using may not actually belong to him. It's also entirely possible that he may not see the private message anytime soon.

To quell those concerns, Baidoo signed an affidavit saying she knew for a fact that the account belonged to her husband. She also provided copies of exchanges between the two and proof that he signs in on a regular basis.