Not much has been revealed about the second coming of Google Glass after it was essentially discontinued earlier this year. One thing we have learned recently, however, is that Google's partnership with Italian eyewear maker Luxottica remains intact.

During a recent speaking engagement in Milan, Luxottica chief Massimo Vian revealed that the new version of Glass is indeed in the works and will be released soon.

Google initially partnered with Luxottica a little over a year ago to develop exclusive frames for Glass under two of the company's popular brands, Oakley and Ray-Ban. The idea was to create something that's not only technologically advanced but also fashion-friendly.

Glass was one of the hottest products in technology following its April 2012 debut. Although a true consumer model was never produced, Google offered prototype eyewear to developers through its Glass Explorer program at $1,500 each.

As units slowly worked their way into population, privacy concerns quickly derailed all the hype that Google managed to generate. Ultimately, the search giant decided to shutter the Explorer program and cease all sales of Glass in a move to completely redesign the product under the tutelage of Nest Labs founder Tony Fadell.

In January, fashion veteran and Glass boss Ivy Ross said the revised model would be cheaper and offer better battery life, a higher quality display and improved sound quality.

Image via Dan Leveille