Google Glass is graduating from the ranks of Google X experimental project to a full-blown division within Google. The project will still be run by fashion veteran Ivy Ross, who was brought on last May, but now she'll be reporting to Nest Labs boss Tony Fadell.

With progress comes change and that's exactly what's happening with Google Glass. For starters, the search giant is ending the Google Glass Explorer program it launched more than two and a half years ago.

It's worth clarifying the fact that Glass isn't joining Nest Labs, it's just being overseen Fadell who will continue his role as CEO of the home automation company.

Some no doubt expected Fadell to depart following the transition phase when Google bought his company for $3.2 billion in cash last year but considering he's stayed on this long and is now expanding his responsibilities, it would appear that he's sticking with the Mountain View-based company for the long haul.

The move can only mean that Glass is getting closer to being a true consumer product. Google maintains that they are still committed to launching a consumer product but as far as when it'll arrive remains a mystery.

Glass created quite the buzz when it was first shown off but once in the hands of developers, it quickly became apparent that the device carried a whole new set of privacy concerns. Given Google's reluctance to push the product as of late, many assumed that it had been quietly written off.