Reddit, the self-professed front page of the Internet, has introduced a new video division tasked with creating original content from the stories that help drive the site's popularity. The unit, made up primarily of two former video producers for The Verge, will focus its early efforts on one of the site's most popular communities.

Of the more than half a million Reddit communities, AMA, or Ask Me Anything, is perhaps the most well-known. It's a platform that allows the average user (and sometimes celebrities) to field questions from other Reddit members regarding a variety of topics (or as the title suggests, anything at all).

Reddit said it will focus on creating video around the AMA brand first before expanding its reach to other stories and communities. What we don't yet know, however, is the exact format that Reddit videos will use.

As with any successful startup, monetization is a hot topic. It's one that Reddit has only lightly dabbled in, thus far opting to simply feed display ads and promoted posts to its users. Some advertisers have been hesitant to do deals with Reddit as a handful of the site's communities aren't exactly family-friendly.

With the new division, Reddit will be able to pitch a product they control. Video is also a very lucrative advertising vehicle and if done right, has the potential to bolster the site's revenue quite a bit.