Rdio is today launching a new, cheaper streaming music subscription tier called Rdio Select, which is designed for users that want easy access to songs on-demand but don't actually stream a ton of music each month.

Rdio Select will cost just $3.99 per month, which gives you access to personalized radio stations, ad-free, and with no track skip limits. You also have the ability to download up to 25 songs of your choosing, which are kept on your device for offline playback, and can be replaced on a daily basis.

As this new streaming tier limits you to a library of just 25 songs, it might seem a little bit restrictive for the average user. However, according to Rdio CEO Anthony Bay, 25 songs is "more than most users download in a day, so we feel it's enough."

By offering access to music for just $4 per month, Rdio is bridging the gap between $9.99 per month unlimited streaming options and free ad-supported streaming, the latter of which is a model the music industry generally dislikes. It could also bring more paid subscribers to the company, which commands an audience far smaller than its main rival, Spotify.

If you want to try out Rdio Select, a free 60-day trial is now available for iOS or Android users in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, and South Africa.