Oculus VR will be holding a media event just ahead of this year's E3 expo. The invitation includes the tagline "Step into the Rift" and shows a refined version of the virtual reality visor that may very well reflect what the final consumer model will look like.

The image is the same one that accompanied Oculus VR's announcement earlier this month that pre-orders would begin later this year for a consumer launch during the first quarter of 2016. We also learned in recent days that a high-end PC will be required to get the best experience out of the Rift.

Aside from these two renderings, not a whole lot is known about the consumer model. The Facebook-owned company said it'll be based on the Crescent Bay prototype with an improved tracking system for both seated and standing experiences. It'll also feature a highly refined industrial design with updated ergonomics for a more natural fit in addition to built-in headphones.

The press event will take place on June 11 in San Francisco, just four days before E3 kicks off roughly 383 miles south in Los Angeles. The gathering will likely be a primer for Oculus VR's E3 showing where I'd be shocked if we didn't see a demonstration of the latest revision on the public stage.

Pricing remains the largest mystery surrounding the Rift. With any luck, we'll get some details on the matter in a few weeks.