AMD graphics card owners that have tried playing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt or Project Cars are likely already aware of the fact that both titles run like crap on Radeon hardware. There's a ton of controversy surrounding what did or didn't happen as it relates to Project Cars but regardless of what or who is to blame, AMD is thankfully aware that there's an issue and believe it can be remedied with an updated driver.

AMD recently posted a message on its website saying it is committed to improving performance for both of the aforementioned games. To that end, AMD is creating Catalyst 15.5 beta to optimize performance for the games. The company said it will continue to work closely with their respective developers to improve quality and performance.

The new beta drivers will be posted online as soon as they are ready.

In the meantime, AMD offered a temporary workaround for those having issues with the "HairWorks" feature in The Witcher 3. Gamers are encouraged to enable the settings shown in the photo below in the Catalyst Control Center.

Our recent benchmark analysis of Project Cars reveals just how bad the issue is for Radeon owners. For example, when running at 1080p with moderate graphics settings, 290X owners shouldn't expect anything over 50 frames per second under clear weather conditions. That figure drops to just 28 FPS with rain enabled.