AMD has finally released a new set of Catalyst beta drivers for Radeon graphics cards, promising performance improvements in two recently-released PC titles: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and Project Cars.

The Catalyst 15.5 Beta drivers are said to improve performance in The Witcher 3 by around 10 percent for those with single-GPU R9- or R7-series cards. AMD has also released an updated CrossFire profile for the game, and advises people with multi-GPU setups to disable TemporalAA in The Witcher 3's Rendering.ini settings file to prevent "flat to negative multi-GPU performance scaling".

AMD's performance optimization guide for The Witcher 3 also recommends people manually set the maximum tessellation level for the game at 8X or 16X if they want to use Nvidia's HairWorks. Setting the game to full screen exclusive mode will also improve stability for those with CrossFire setups.

As for Project Cars, the Catalyst 15.5 Beta drivers improve performance by around 17 percent for single-GPU gamers. CrossFire users are advised to disable DS2M anti-aliasing to prevent graphical corruption.

If you want to download AMD's latest Catalyst Beta driver, either get the Catalyst Control Center to automatically download it for you, or grab a manual download here.