Infinity displays are all the rage among notebook buyers these days. Dell's XPS 13 (2015) was an excellent example of what's possible when it launched earlier this year and now, they're bringing the gorgeous screen to its bigger brother.

Loaded with Microsoft's latest as part of a Windows 10 hardware preview, the Dell XPS 15 on display at Computex this week looks absolutely stunning. Unfortunately, Dell was tight-lipped regarding the machine's specifications although it's highly likely that it'll debut with a new fifth generation Intel Core processor.

We understand that Dell forbid members of the press from touching the machine. As The Verge notes, that was probably a good idea as it managed to attract a wealth of fingerprints and smudges during its brief demonstration by Microsoft's Nick Parker.

The revised Dell XPS 13 is available with a 1080p non-touchscreen on the low end - like the one we reviewed - and a QHD+ 3,200 x 1,800 touchscreen on the high end (for an additional $300). The revised XPS 15, due out later this year alongside Windows 10, will likely carry similar display options.

Much like the XPS 13 revision, the larger notebook appears equally as thin (and thus, likely very light). Tim crowned the XPS 13 as the best Windows notebook available at the time (if you're after an ultraportable 13-incher) and unless Dell really screws something up, the XPS 15 may very well earn the same honors in its size class.