Internet pioneer Lycos crawled out of obscurity today by unveiling its latest endeavor. The company announced a pair of wearables that’ll be part of its new line of connected devices that “serve as the single point of entry into users’ digital lives.”

The products in question are a smart wristband and a ring, known simply as the Lycos Band and the Lycos Ring.

The Lycos Band is a button-free fitness tracker capable of telling time, tracking sleep, sounding alarms and monitoring your heart rate. It’s equipped with NFC, is waterproof and should last up to two weeks on a single charge.

The Lycos Ring, meanwhile, is described as a personal security manager. It, too, uses NFC, and thus can be used as a trusted device to automatically unlock your smartphone or other devices. Like the band, it also features “Tap2Transfer” capabilities.

This means you can tap the device to send contact information to a new friend, for example (although I’m not sure why you couldn’t just do that from phone to phone without bringing another device into the equation). In fact, Android already has trusted device capabilities using Bluetooth (and a smartwatch, for example).

I wish I could say that Lycos was on to something unique or at least nice looking here but that’s just not the case. There are already plenty of fitness brands on the market with a ton more function and almost all of them look better than Lycos’ offering. The ring, well, it just looks like a ring.

The Lycos Band will sell for $124.99 while the Ring will command $59.99. Both will be available in six different color options come June 8.