If you're lucky enough to live in Springfield, Vermont, you now have access to a ridiculously fast 10 Gbps fiber internet connection for $400 per month thanks to local service provider Vermont Telephone (VTel).

Around 18,000 homes and business in Springfield can sign up to VTel's 10 Gbps speed tier now that the company has almost finished their roll-out of high speed fiber. VTel previously offered customers a mere 1 Gbps for $59.95 per month, although that excellent deal is still available if a user doesn't want to fork out a premium for much faster internet speeds.

VTel has been able to connect every home in the area to fiber thanks to an $85 million grant from the US Department of Agriculture's Rural Utilities Service, while simultaneously decommissioning its older copper network. The fiber rollout will be completed by June 30th this year, "on budget and on schedule".

Customers on VTel's fiber network are subject to a 2.5 TB data cap per month, although the company apparently enforces this cap liberally. Most home users won't approach anywhere near this sort of data usage per month, and will struggle to take full advantage of a 10 Gbps connection with just a few household users.

However, thanks to this 10 Gbps internet rollout, residents of Springfield, Vermont are now able to access the internet at speeds exceeding even the fastest residential networks around the globe. Residents in many other cities throughout the United States don't even have access to 10 Mbps, let alone 10 Gbps, while in countries such as Australia, average connection speeds hover around the 4 Mbps mark.

While a 10 Gbps internet connection will allow you to download a 1 GB file in less than a second, if you're stuck on just 4 Mbps, the same file will take over 30 minutes to download.