For the first time in four years, Netflix is rolling out a major update to their website that is focused on making it faster and easier for users to access content. The update has started rolling out to all users worldwide, and should be available within the next two weeks if you don't have access to it already.

The update to the web interface makes it a "richer, more visual experience" that takes advantage of newer web technologies and better web browsers. Netflix describes their new website as more like an app than a traditional website, with new information loading within the page rather than through full page refreshes.

Some of the specific updates Netflix is touting for the redesign include showing a slideshow of images (alongside a synopsis and other info) when you mouse over a particular show. Clicking on the title or synopsis reveals more information about the show and its episode list, while you can click on "More Like This" to find similar shows. Scrolling has also been made faster, with each click jumping ahead a full row at a time.

The refreshed Netflix website is also now properly optimized for mobile and tablet users who would rather not use one of the company's apps. This means you can navigate through the website using either a keyboard and mouse, a trackpad, or a touchscreen using familiar gestures such as swiping.

Not everyone will be able to view this new design: if your browser is too old, Netflix will tell you to update, which you should probably do anyway. For most users though, you can head over to the Netflix website right now and check out their new interface.