Samsung has developed a prototype camera system designed to make our roadways a bit safer. The project, dubbed the Samsung Safety Truck, involves mounting a camera on the front of a big rig truck that's used to project images of what's ahead to video screens on the back of the truck. The idea is designed to give passenger vehicle drivers stuck behind slow-moving big rigs a clear view of what's in front of the truck (like oncoming traffic).

Armed with this knowledge, drivers will be able to make better informed decisions regarding when they can overtake a big rig truck.

The project is inspired by the dangerous roads of Argentina in which one person dies every hour in a traffic accident. It's a noble cause for sure although Samsung wasn't the first to come up with the idea.

Russian design house Art Lebedev (you may remember their OLED keyboards from years ago) presented this exact concept nearly six years ago. They called it Transparentius but unfortunately, it doesn't appear as though the idea ever got off the ground.

Technology has certainly advanced since 2009, making an idea like this more plausible than ever. While it could no doubt save lives, the problem is that transportation companies wouldn't have any financial incentive to outfit their fleet with such equpiment.

Perhaps they could recoup some of their investment by running ads on the video boards? I'm kidding, of course... sort of.