T-Mobile has launched a new summer campaign that'll revisit (and improve) some of its most popular Uncarrier moves. They're calling it Uncarrier Amped and it gets underway this weekend. Here's everything you need to know about Jump On Demand.

Building on the success of its original Jump early upgrade program (which is still available, by the way), Jump On Demand allows customers to upgrade their phone up to three times over the course of a 12 month period with no time limits on how long you must wait between upgrades and no fees to do so. As such, phones can be traded in without having to pay off any remaining balances.

Customers can get started with Jump On Demand for $0 down (you won't even have to pay sales tax). The cost of the phone and the program are rolled into one payment, eliminating the $10 monthly fee associated with the original Jump program. The new payment will be about the same as it would be with regular financing, T-Mobile said.

Naturally, there are a few caveats to note.

Those interested will need to buy a new smartphone to get started. What's more, the free insurance that came as part of the first Jump plan is no more although customers can add this back for an extra $8 per month. Furthermore, T-Mobile Jump On Demand is only available in stores and only for those with approved credit. Not all smartphones are eligible for Jump On Demand.

For those that like to have the latest and greatest, Jump On Demand is the best way to do so as it offers the most frequent upgrades of any carrier. Of course, keep in mind that behind all the smoke and mirrors, this is just a smartphone lease program.

Unless you pay off a device in full and keep it, you'll ultimately have nothing to show for the money you pay in each month (no return on your investment) outside of getting to use a new smartphone a few times a year.