While the lack of diversity in your News Feed is on you, it's the social network that's to blame for its lack of workplace diversity. For the second year in a row, Facebook revealed a workplace diversity report that's largely dominated by white males.

Looking at the big picture, we see 68 percent of employees are male and 55 percent are white. That's down from 69 and 57 percent, respectively, compared to last year - what Facebook calls positive but modest change.

Asians make up the second biggest ethnic group at Facebook at 36 percent. After that, there's a huge drop-off down to just four percent identifying as Hispanic.

The figures are skewed even more when looking at senior leadership. In this category, 73 percent of positions are held by whites while 21 percent are Asian. Hispanic, mixed race, blacks and "other" make up the remaining six percent of leadership roles.

In terms of global gender, men hold 84 percent of tech-related jobs at Facebook, down from 85 percent last year, and 77 percent of senior leadership jobs which is the exact same as a year ago. It's only in the non-tech job category that women narrowly edge out men at 52 percent.

Facebook said it is clear that they still aren't where they want to be in terms of workplace diversity. To help get there, the social network is testing a number of new approaches including reworking its managing bias training course and providing the opportunity for those in their early college careers to learn both the soft and hard skills to be successful at Facebook.

Image courtesy Jonathan Nackstrand, Getty Images