You've heard this one before. Now that Apple has successfully entered the streaming music scene, rumors are circulating again that they've set their sights on television. According to new reports, Apple is deep into discussions to get their over the top streaming TV service off the ground. If these rumors are to be believed, there is one thing that might set Apple's service apart: broadcast networks.

Apple is looking to build their streaming service around ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC (no love for The CW?). This is a difficult process because of the local affiliate groups that control the broadcast networks on a local level. However, all four networks are apparently in talks with their affiliates in order to gain negotiating power to make the deal.

There are other items under discussion as well. Apple is reported to be looking for 30 percent of the subscription fee when the users purchase through the App Store. That's a pretty hefty chunk and at least one source is implying the networks will want a larger share.

There is no pricing yet set for the eventual service with estimates ranging from $10 to $40 per month. That would put the service in the same ballpark as Dish Network's Sling TV at $20, which does not include any broadcast networks. It would be cheaper than Playstation's VUE service, which ranges from $50 to $70, and does include some networks but is currently available in a limited number of test markets.

In addition to the broadcast networks Apple is eyeing cable channels, including Discovery and ESPN as well. Since many of the companies that own the networks also own several cable brands -- ABC and ESPN are both owned by Disney -- it's likely cable will come along for the ride.

Sources say the platform is ready to go and if negotiations continue to go well, the OTT service could launch as early as this fall.