Google has unveiled a new experimental program called Purchases on Google that'll make it easier for consumers to buy products from ads in Google search results.

For mobile web users, the program will appear as standard promoted ads in Google search results. If a user was searching for a new television, for example, they could search for a review of a particular model. Among the results would be a Google card for the TV with the option to purchase directly via mobile using payment credentials already saved in your account.

Shoppers will also be able to pay for goods using Android Pay when it arrives later this year.

Google said they've seen a 115 percent increase in shopping searches via mobile over the past year. That's not entirely surprising considering we're now several years into the instant gratification, post-PC era.

The program appears to be beneficial for all parties involved. For Google, it introduces the potential for more ad revenue. Merchants could realize increased sales and thus, a better return on their advertising investment. For shoppers, the program likely means having to jump through fewer hoops in order to shop on their phone or tablet.

Purchases on Google was announced earlier today at the Google Retail Leadership Summit in New York City and will start with a dozen or so retail partners over the coming weeks. The timing isn't a coincidence as we're rapidly approaching the lucrative back-to-school buying season.

Google said it will expand the service across the US as the year winds down.