It seems like everywhere you look someone's wearing a new activity-tracking gadget, but the newest kid in town, Moov Now, has something special to offer.

Available for less than some competitors ($59 if you pre-order on the company's website, $100 full price) this wearable tracks steps and sleep, but the more interesting feature is the real-time coaching feedback in a wide range of exercise types.

If you're a runner, strap the Moov Now onto your ankle and select the Run & Walk program. The smartphone app available for Android and iOS pushes coaching feedback into your earbuds as you run, helping you keep pace and correcting bad form.

There's also the Cardio Boxing workout that simulates the way a coach would call out drills, using different icons for each cue. Wear a Moov Now on each wrist for a richer experience. The motion sensors track wrist movements in 3D space, so if your punches are quick and accurate you'll earn a higher score.

There are other programs for cycling, body weight training and the 7min+ workout, but the most intriguing is the swimming program. The Moov Now is waterproof down to three meters so you can wear it in the pool, and soon you'll be able to wear one on each wrist. The swim program doesn't have real time push notifications, but once out of the pool you can check your data on lap times, flip turn times and stroke rate.

The original Moov launched last year, but this new model leaves it in the dust. The battery life in the Moov Now is six months using a standard watch battery. The new processor is twice as fast and will improve Bluetooth performance. The band is lighter and more breathable, and the pod within the band comes in a selection of colors. All of this could combine into some tough competition for other activity-tracking wearables, but we'll have to wait until the fall to find out.