Grooveshark co-founder Jason Greenberg was found dead Sunday night in his home in Gainesville, Florida. The 28-year-old reportedly had no known health problems and there was no evidence of foul play, injuries or drugs according to a report from The Gainesville Sun.

Greenberg was found in his bed by his girlfriend, Abby Mayer, after returning from a weekend away.

His mother, Lori Greenberg, told the publication that the medical examiner's autopsy found no explanation for a cause of death. She added that he was excited about some new projects he was planning to start soon. A toxicology report was apparently ordered although it could take up to three months to get the results back.

Grooveshark was founded in early 2006 by Greenberg, Sam Tarantino and Andres Barreto and launched in beta a year later. The service gained a large following with an estimated 40 million monthly users during its prime. The business had around 145 employees spread out across Gainesville and New York City during that time.

It didn't take long for record labels to hone in and take legal action against the service. Staring a $736 million lawsuit in the face, its creators decided to close Grooveshark back in May. Mysteriously, the service reappeared for a brief time at an alternate URL but it was eventually taken down.

In November 2013, Grooveshark executive Eddy Vasquez was shot dead after getting into an argument with Andres Rodriguez Torres following a friend's wedding the night before.

Image courtesy The Gainesville Sun