A new video series from PicClick chronicles the evolution of some of Nintendo’s most beloved characters over the years. All the usual suspects are here including Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, Samus, Kirby and Peach (the Princess).

The one constant you’ll notice is that each character remains heavily pixilated through the ‘80s and up until the latter half of the ‘90s when the Nintendo 64 was released.

The gap between the N64 and its predecessor, the Super Nintendo, was a result of Nintendo’s falling out with Sony in the early ‘90s. The two worked together to build a CD-ROM add-on for the SNES as well as a standalone console called the Nintendo Play Station that was capable of playing both SNES cartridges and optical discs.

Unfortunately, licensing disputes derailed the entire project although at least one prototype Play Station console did survive. As a result, Nintendo never released a 32-bit console.

The clips check in at less than a minute each but provide an excellent graphical representation of the characters through various stages of video gaming history.

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