Apple has been eyeing BMW’s i3 electric vehicle for its rumored Apple Car, but initial negotiations have now broken off, according to the German publication Manager Magazin. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook visited the BMW i3’s production line in Leipzig, met with senior officials and was reportedly “impressed” with the carbon fiber electric car.

Initial negotiations between Apple and BMW have collapsed, but talks over the Apple Car continue. BMW chief production officer Oliver Zipse told Reuters this month that BMW regularly talks with technology companies and was open to partnering with Apple.

Rumors have been flying that Apple is looking to strike into the electric driverless smart car market by 2020. The company recently hired Chrysler's Doug Betts and supposedly has hundreds of people working on the Apple Car project. By looking at the BMW i3 we can get a better idea of the kind of concept the iPhone maker wants for its mysterious Apple Car.

The BMW i3 has rear suicide doors and it can slow itself down by taking kinetic energy from its wheels to its battery. Whether you think the i3 looks striking or odd, it has a design that shows Apple wants to stand out.

Back in March, BMW denied the i3 is going to be the Apple Car, instead hinting that it could run an Apple OS for vehicles. Judging by Apple's tradition of designing the hardware and software of their products, they probably want to be involved in the Apple Car's operating system and physical design.