Developing successfully for the web takes a wide and ever-changing skill set. Top notch coders must be masters of several disciplines and programming languages to stay atop the digital landscape. Now you can get all the knowledge and training you need for a price you pick with the Pay What You Want: Web Hacker Bundle at the TechSpot Store.

The bundle combines over 73 hours of hands-on developer training to help you become a bonafide, front-to-back coder. These seven courses have a combined value of over $1,000, but you can pay a fraction of that for lifetime access to them all. Here's how it works - you can pay any price you'd like for the first two courses listed below, and beat the current average price (just over $7) for the full bundle.

Here are the included courses:

  • Learn Docker from Scratch: Build, ship and run apps with one of the hottest virtualization techs around.
  • Learn Apache Cassandra from Scratch: Understand all there is to know about database management.
  • Learn Web Programming in Django and Python: Get the insider's take on two of programming's most popular languages and frameworks.
  • Learn Bootstrap Development: Build 10 separate projects utilizing Bootstrap's powerful framework.
  • Projects in JavaScript and JQuery: Become a wizard in two fundamental programming disciplines.
  • Projects in PHP and MySQL: Construct cutting-edge websites with some of the most popular scripting languages in the industry.
  • Learn Ruby on Rails: Create working projects with this leading web app framework.

It's every facet of web development from the ground up, at a price nearly anyone can afford. Don't miss out on this and get yours today.