A mere two weeks following the launch of Windows 10, Fitbit has commenced its own exercise-centric celebration with the release of Fitbit for Windows. The app brings health and fitness personalization to a vast assortment of Windows 10 devices, promising to change the way Fitbit users "interact with key pieces of their health and fitness journey," according to the press release.

Fitbit for Windows' live tiles introduce users to their fitness data faster, with more comprehensive information, and features new types of notifications to quickly inform users of their most crucial health and fitness data.

Additionally, "quick actions" have been implemented to encourage more frequent activity logging on behalf of its users. Logging activities such as food/water intake and exercise as well as alarm configurations can be initiated at the click of a button, replacing the more convoluted methods offered previously.

Tapping into one of Windows 10's flagship features, the new Fitbit app adds compatibility with Cortana, enabling users to deliver voice commands on tablets, PCs, and upcoming smartphones sporting Windows 10. These include phrases like "Fitbit, I ate chicken for dinner", "Fitbit, I went for a three-mile run", or "Oh God, Fitbit, I'm so sorry, I ate an entire box of Oreos."

Moreover, the new notification center brings all of your important messages and notifications to a single, dedicated tab. And thanks to Bluetooth integration (where supported), the app can stay in sync with your Fitbit for more immediate access to health and fitness stats.

With an interface designed for Windows' Universal app initiative, along with support for continuum, the Fitbit app's visual experience isn't just made for your PC – it scales to whichever device you're using. That will include Windows 10 Mobile and Xbox One later this year.

The Fitbit app for Windows 10 bolsters compatibility for the Fitbit Surge, Charge, Charge HR, Flex, One, and Zip activity trackers while the Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale is also congruent. It can be downloaded from the Windows Store here.