In the wake of Reddit's AMA issues, Product Hunt, an online community where people upvote products, games and books, is working to set themselves apart. Today they introduced Live -- a way of scheduling AMA events with different product makers, founders, celebrities and others so that the community doesn't miss out.

TechCrunch reports that this development is a refinement for Product Hunt, not a brand new feature. For a long time the platform has invited makers of products to have a dedicated space on the site to answer questions from members on the day of their product launch. Most participants are notable in the tech arena, but even Snoop Dogg had his own Product Hunt AMA for the launch of his newest album.

The Live section will differ from previous Product Hunt AMAs because they are scheduled far in advance, but not necessarily around a product launch. The founder of the site, Ryan Hoover, told TechCrunch that "it's to highlight makers and what they are doing."

Live events are scheduled Monday through Friday and the Product Hunt community will be able to ask questions and learn the stories behind products and businesses.

There are already over 100 people scheduled for the coming months, with a mix of tech leaders (Aileen Lee, Ben Horowitz, Jessica Livingston and Dave McClure) and celebrities (Amanda Palmer, Ashton Kutcher and BJ Novak.)

Product Hunt members can sign up to be reminded of the AMA by email.