Remember Deckard's cool Esper device from the Blade Runner movie? That gadget that turned 2D crime scene images into viewable 3D models? Lytro's created the next best thing - and you can get your hands on it now.

With the First Generation Lytro 16GB Camera - available now for nearly 60% off - you've got a cutting-edge device that captures the entire light field captured in your shot, creating a virtual 3D "living picture" reconstruction that you can later refocus or manipulate in incredible ways.

Why is this so cool? Your average digital camera focuses on the incoming light rays from the subject of your image. That gives you a crisp, clear image of Billy winning the big race, but kind of ignores anything in the foreground or background of your shot.

But to the lightweight, durable Lytro, everything matters. With its 11 million light rays per image, the Lytro captures the whole scene, so you not only get a sharp image of Billy crossing the tape, but you could later refocus on the second place runner behind Billy or even that guy cheering way in the background. Or show everything at once for a nearly 3D image that jumps off the screen.

Never miss the perfect picture again... snap up the First Generation Lytro 16GB Camera for only $79.99 in the TechSpot Store.