Eccentric millionaire John McAfee - of McAfee anti-virus fame - is running for president. McAfee filed the necessary paperwork with the Federal Election Commission on Tuesday according to a report from The Hill.

Regardless of your political views, one has to believe this will certainly spice up next year's presidential race.

In the filing, McAfee said he would be founding a new political party that's yet to be announced. On Twitter, McAfee said he plans to make an official announcement on September 9 (tomorrow) at 6pm ET. In the interim, he's launched a website to support the campaign.

In an interview with Wired that was published hours before his confirmation, McAfee said he was still in a quandary about whether to run himself or find someone else to run for his party. He got the idea to run after fielding thousands of e-mail from people urging him to do so. It's not something he would just choose to do on his own, McAfee said.

What would be McAfee's platform? Cyber security, of course.

He told the publication that the government is broken because its leaders don't adequately understand technology, citing the recent hacks of the US Office of Personnel Management and Homeland Security as examples. McAfee added that the government urging tech companies to install backdoors into their systems is yet another sign that politicans simply don't get it.