Coders will all tell you the same thing: show me 100 programmers, I'll show you 100 different ways of performing the same function. There's a lot of improv in web creation, which means choosing your programming language is key.

And most programmers will tell you the same thing about Python: it's a coding language that's easy to learn, easy to use and centers around helping you finish your build, not bogging you down in command syntax.

Whether you're learning Python or simply want to brush up, this Python Programming Pro Bundle - now just $29 in the TechSpot Store - adds a powerful programming weapon to your development arsenal. You'll get:

Data Analysis with Python and Pandas: Get in-depth on Pandas, the structure library used to understand and manipulate data.

Learn Python Django from Scratch: Learn Django, providing clean programming structure behind complex, database-driven sites and functions.

Python Web Programming: All Python web development features explained in one deep-dive crash course.

Data Visualization with Python and Matplotlib: Understand Matplotlib, turning raw data into clean, readable pie charts, bar graphs, 3D scatterplots and more.

Python Programming for Beginners: Python basics from the ground up, a perfect introduction to Python or a helpful refresher course for the experienced pro.

Python Game Development - Create a Flappy Bird Clone: Learn all Python's game development tricks while you build a working clone of the viral hit.

Python is everywhere, so this 27+ hours of content should open up a whole new horizon in your web career. At 84% off its regular price, jump on this deal now.