We all know and love (or don't) Reddit, and today the site has launched a new site with new content. This "Redditorial Publication" is called Upvoted, and it's a digital magazine with some original pieces inspired by the community, but all content is created by the Reddit team.

Some stories are sponsored, there's a featured spot for an article, and in addition to the huge amount of written content there are podcast and video categories as well. None of this is new, Reddit has already been producing this type of content, but Upvoted provides a new and separate place to access all of it.

Upvoted itself isn't all that original. It bears the biggest resemblance to Digg, and it also has some similarities to ProductHunt.

Heath Black, product lead at Reddit, talked with TechCrunch about how Upvoted works: "We have an editorial team that only works on the Upvoted content. They have editorial oversight into what we write. They will scour every nook and cranny on Reddit on a daily basis to find the coolest stuff, conduct interviews with the creators, and even in some situations orchestrate video AMAs or podcasts."

If you were already planning to hop on the new site and give them your opinion, think again. Comments are not allowed on Upvoted. This rule is probably instated with the hope that it will add to the "magazine" feel of the site. And as of now, there is no mobile app version of Upvoted.

For now you can expect 10-20 pieces of original content each day, with more coming later.