Not everyone likes typing long emails or editing documents using an onscreen keyboard. Even though word prediction and typo correction has advanced massively, there's still no replacement for a physical keyboard.

Having something that is foldable, and thus highly compact, is a great convenience when you want to type out a long piece of text but not have the inconvenience of thumbing your way through a software keyboard.

Enter the iClever Bluetooth keyboard. With an operating range of 10 meters and a sleek modern look, you can be certain that each keystroke will be entered accurately, in style.

The price is reasonable coming in at £23.99 for the UK, and $35 for the USA. The build quality is also very good, it feels solid and the Aluminum does not feel cheap. The folding action is locking, there's a stop at the end of closing and opening, so it's not loose. Some thought has been put into engineering the mechanism for sure.

There are rubber anti-slip pads on the underside, ideal as you don't want it sliding about when using it. I did however notice one flaw at each end of the keyboard. When pressing keys at either end of the keyboard, that side touches the surface, the anti-slip pads are toward the center of the underside, not at the ends.

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