Google has decided to remove the desktop notification center from Chrome in an upcoming release, after finally realizing that most users either didn't like the feature, or simply didn't use it at all.

The notification center first appeared in Chrome in 2013, occasionally delivering pop-ups to users when they received an email or after they set themselves a reminder. The center would remain active after Chrome had closed, so that users could still receive notifications whenever their PC was powered on.

While Google thought the notification center would be a good idea, few users actually visited it, according to the company's blog post announcing the changes. This could be because many users opted to disable the notification center so they weren't annoyed or bothered by pop-ups whether Chrome was open or not.

The desktop notification center will be removed in the next version of Chrome for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, while it will remain for users of Chrome OS. Extensions that relied on the notification center will no longer work as intended, although apps and websites will still be able to send push notifications going forward.

Google hasn't specified which version of Chrome will ditch the notification center, although it's presumed to mean version 47, which is set to launch in around six weeks from now.