Intel and Microsoft are trying to reverse the trend of dwindling PC sales by teaming up with the world's three top personal computer makers - Lenovo Group Ltd., Dell Inc. and Hewlett-Packard Co - to launch an advertising campaign aimed at making consumers aware of all the things a modern PC is capable of, reports Re/code.

Said to be the first cross-vendor effort of its kind, the TV, print media and online advertising campaign is set to be announced Thursday at a webcast featuring the companies' top marketing executives. It will be based around the question "PC does what?" and aims to show people how much more versatile and flexible the latest Windows 10 machines are compared their current PCs. When Intel launched its Skylake processors last month, it pointed out that "more than 600 million computers in use today are five years or older" and "can't take advantage of all the new experiences available today."

The bulk of the money for the ads - set to run in the US and China - will come from Microsoft and Intel, which are the highest-margin companies in the group. Exactly how much is being spent on the campaign is unknown, though one source did describe the amount as "sizeable."

Re/Code points out that the campaign has been in the works for quite a while, predating the announcement of Microsoft's Surface Book. After some PC makers expressed concerns that Microsoft's device may steal business away from them, the Redmond, Washington-based company's financial contribution to the 'PC does what?' campaign may go some way toward placating them.

PCs have been losing ground in recent times to other internet-enabled devices such as smartphones, TVs and tablets. Analyst firm Gartner Inc. warns that sales of PCs will decline by 5.3 percent to 214 million units in 2015 and not stabilize until 2017. The companies involved in the campaign will likely be hoping that 'PC does what?' helps convince plenty of people that now is the time to upgrade to a Windows 10 computer.

Image credit: joyfull / Shutterstock