YouTube on Wednesday unveiled a monthly paid subscription option it's calling YouTube Red. With it, members will be able to watch their favorite videos uninterrupted - that's right, no ads - in addition to several other perks. Read on for a full rundown of all the important details.

YouTube Red members will also be able to save videos for offline viewing on a phone or tablet and even play videos in the background while doing other things or with the screen off.

The Google-owned company said the Red membership extends across its recently launched Gaming app as well as the brand new YouTube Music app that'll be released soon. YouTube Music will be free with ads or available advertising-free with a Red subscription.

Furthermore, YouTube Red works with Google Play Music meaning subscribers to one of these services will automatically get access to the other.

As rumored, YouTube is funding the creation of new series and movies from some of its biggest stars including PewDiePie and Lilly Singh. That content, scheduled to debut sometime next year, will be available exclusively to Red subscribers.

It's worth clarifying that the ad-supported version of YouTube isn't going anywhere. In fact, YouTube expects most people will continue to use the site free of charge.

YouTube Red goes live October 28 with the company offering a free one month trial subscription. Pricing is set at $9.99 per month.