Shopping for in-ear headphones often amounts to an exercise in futility. Finding the perfect combination of audio quality at a price you can afford is the easy part – hunting for something that’s actually comfortable presents the real challenge.

While it’s possible to get a perfect fit with a pair of professional monitors that involve a trip to an audiologist to make a mold of your ear, that’s an incredibly expensive and time-consuming route. Fortunately, a potential solution to this dilemma is just on the horizon.

A company by the name of Revols has developed a set of custom-fit wireless earphones that conform to the shape of your ear canal. Unlike the professional option that requires a visit to a doctor, everything can be done right at home in just one minute. How is that possible?

You simply pair the earphones with the companion app on your mobile device via Bluetooth 4.1, put the earphones in and let the gel-filled tips take the natural shape of your ears. Then, press the start button in the app which sends an electrical signal to the earbuds that activates the hardening process. As The Verge explains, you’ll feel a warm sensation from the tips as this 60-second process plays out. Once complete, the tips will be noticeably firmer and custom-fit to your ears. It’s that simple.

As for the actual drivers, Revols has partnered with renowned audio specialist Onkyo, a company with more than 70 years of experience. That doesn’t guarantee exceptional sound but at least you know they’re not working with some no-name company.

Battery life is rated at eight hours between charges. There’s also a clever in-line battery that can add an additional six hours of playback time for a total of 14 hours. Due to the custom fit, the earphones are said to offer impressive passive noise isolation. For times when you want to hear what’s going on around you, Revols has created an adjustable soundscape – think of it as a volume for the outside world.

Revols is seeking funding on Kickstarter. Just one day into the campaign, donors have already pledged over $300,000 – more than triple the $100,000 goal. A pledge of $199 guarantees you’ll get a set when they ship next summer. While not as attractive as the $169 and $179 early bird specials that have already been spoken for, it’s still $100 cheaper than what they’ll retail for.