Another day, another delay. Deus EX: Mankind Divided developer Eidos Montreal revealed on Wednesday that its highly anticipated game wouldn't meet its target February 23, 2016, launch date.

In a blog post announcing the delay, studio head David Anfossi said their aim is to make a worthy successor to Human Revolution and to improve on that title in every way possible. The executive added that they're incredibly proud of what they've created thus far but as they play through the final version, it has become apparent that they'll need some additional time for tuning, iterations and refinements in order to meet their high standards.

As such, they're pushing the launch date back to the summer of 2016 - August 23, to be exact. Anfossi apologized for the delay and thanked everyone for their support, adding that they don't want to compromise on the game's quality.

The original Deus Ex launched in mid-2000 with the most recent entry, the aforementioned Human Revolution, coming in 2011.

Olivier Proulx, the game's producer, told Engadget during E3 that Mankind Divided is the first game in the franchise to put great emphasis on women in the storyline. In previous games, he said, women had some social functions but not when going stealth and during combat. That's changed in the new game, however, as women are now on the front lines of social interaction and combat.