One of the world's largest PC makers is joining forces with one of the most recognizable gaming accessory brands to create a new line of gaming PCs. Lenovo and Razer have announced a partnership in which they'll co-brand and co-market special Razer Edition models based on the former's Y series devices.

A press release said the effort will combine the manufacturing, supply chain and channel relationships of Lenovo with Razer's immersive technology and deep expertise. Or in other words, Lenovo will design and engineer systems while Razer will add gaming-inspired touches like customizable lighting effects.

One would assume that Razer Edition systems will also come bundled with Razer input devices and software although nothing of the sort has been confirmed.

PC Mag is on the ground at DreamHack Winter 2015 where a prototype Razer Edition system is on display. Specs aren't really being discussed but the crew did confirm the demo system is packing a pair of Nvidia GeForce GTX graphics cards in SLI.

Lenovo has earned a reputation as a business PC provider but in actuality, the company already offers several gaming-minded computers (although none appear to be terribly impressive). Working with Razer gives Lenovo the opportunity to focus on gaming PCs as a segment and if the DreamHack prototype is any indication, we may finally see Lenovo bring some serious gaming hardware to the table.

Razer Edition gaming PCs are slated to launch sometime next year. Lenovo confirmed the demo system would be on display at its CES 2016 booth in January.