When Metal Gear Solid V launched a few months back, word got out that Konami apparently included a secret in the game that'd be almost impossible for players to unlock. Data mining revealed an 8 minute-long cutscene that all but confirmed the secret had to do with nuclear disarmament. How to trigger the cutscene, however, wasn't revealed... until just recently.

Konami has confirmed the secret nuclear disarmament event, detailing exactly what it takes to activate the event. As suspected, it'll probably be next to impossible to trigger it (anytime soon) as it requires the (forced) cooperation of lots of people.

Simply put, all of the nuclear weapons on the regional server corresponding to your console or platform must be dismantled. That's right, the number of nukes in the FOB (Forward Operating Base) mode must reach zero to trigger the event.

Konami has been keeping tabs on the nuke count and incredibly enough, there's been a huge drop over the past four weeks or so. As of November 28, the Xbox 360 was the closest with a total of 39 nukes in the wild - down from 1,011 on November 1. Those wanting to keep up can follow Konami on Twitter for daily nuke count updates.

I'll be surprised if any region is able to hit the zero mark anytime soon. A more likely scenario is that it'll happen over time as people grow tired of the game and move to something else, thus making it easier for determined players to dismantle abandoned nukes.

If you're the type that can't be bothered to wait around, you can watch the hidden cutscene in the clip above.