A UK man is suing Apple for £5000 ($7506) after one of the company's stores wiped photos of his honeymoon and 15 years worth of contacts from his phone while it was in for repairs.

Deric White, 68, from London, took his iPhone 5 into the Regent Street Apple store after receiving a text message saying there was a fault with the handset. White says that after staff returned the phone to him saying it was "sorted," he realized all his pictures, videos and contacts had been wiped from the device. He claims that it was at this point when the staff asked if he had backed up his data.

"My life was saved on that phone. I lost my favorite video of a giant tortoise biting my hand on honeymoon in the Seychelles," White told the Sun. "It was only after staff fiddled around they asked if I'd backed my things up."

He told the newspaper that he and his wife began crying when they realized all the photos and videos of their honeymoon had been deleted. White will face Apple's legal team in a London court today, with District Judge Fine set to hear both sides of the case. In court papers, Apple says: "The claimant has not demonstrated how he has suffered any loss."

The outcome of the case will likely rest on whether the Apple Store staff really did tell White to back up his data only after they handed the wiped phone back to him. If he is successful in the trial, White has vowed to take his wife on a second honeymoon.