Sneaker aficionados or those that otherwise care about fashionable footwear (or just crave attention) will no doubt find these kicks interesting.

Dubbed ShiftWear, the shoes seeking funding on Indiegogo feature color e-paper panels built into the sides. The campaign’s creator, David Coelho, says the displays will be visible in daylight, waterproof and machine-washable. What’s more, the batteries that power the displays will recharge as you step. We’re also told that they should be more durable than most as the soles are coated with Kevlar fiber.

Utilizing the companion app, the wearer can change the look of their sneakers on-the-fly. The company plans to allow owners to upload and sell their custom designs to other ShiftWear owners. Shoes will be offered in high, medium and low top styles.

The campaign has already exceeded its $25,000 flexible funding goal by 237 percent as of writing. A pledge of just $150 is all that’s needed with availability to backers expected by the fall of 2016.

Before you jump on the ShiftWear bandwagon, however, there are a few things worth considering. For example, the team has yet to finish its prototype design; moving from prototype to a finished product in the hands of backers seems incredibly ambitious. What’s more, many of the nifty features listed above – like walk-to-charge technology – require significant stretch goals to realize.

As always, one should proceed with caution and know that not all crowdfunding campaigns go as smoothly as planned.