On Wednesday, Google revealed that it would be slashing the prices of its recently released Nexus 5X and 6P smartphones. Through December 22, you can grab one from the Google Store for $50 off the going price – that's $330 for the 5X or $450 for the 6P. Of course, if you opt for more storage space, you'll be looking at a higher price.

We've included each variant, along with their respective costs, below for your convenience.

  • Nexus 5X - 16GB - $329
  • Nexus 5X - 32GB - $379
  • Nexus 6P - 32 GB - $449
  • Nexus 6P - 64GB - $499
  • Nexus 6P - 128GB - $599

You can add Nexus Protect insurance to either the 5X or 6P for $70 and $90, respectively. Regardless of which phone you pick, be it LG's Nexus 5X or Huawei's 6P, both come with free overnight delivery right now, so you can be sure that it gets here in time for the holidays.

While the $50 off discount only lasts until December 22, the free shipping deal spans through December 30. Although, oddly enough, the deals only apply to the United States and Japan, you can get a stock Android phone without the burden of a contract for a relatively low price this holiday season, and that's worth celebrating.