As we all recovered from the Christmas morning bonanza, Oculus, Samsung, and LeBron James added one more gift to the day: a commercial. It launched during the Warriors and Cavaliers game and was pretty epic. Did we mention that in the commercial everyone is lip-synching “Welcome to the Terrordome” by Public Enemy?

The commercial is for “Striving for Greatness,” a VR film that follows LeBron through his day as he does work and trains for the NBA season. You can download the experience to watch LeBron “do work” in the Oculus Store and the Samsung Milk VR app. According to TechCrunch, the experience was developed by Oculus Studios, Uninterrupted (James’ spot for behind-the-scenes footage from athletes), and directed by Felix & Paul Studios.

Yes, the point behind the commercial is to sell more of Samsung's Gear VR. But the commercial adds a certain level of mainstream star power (via LeBron) to the VR world in general.