Before the end of the year, Intel has decided to quietly add a collection of new processors to their Skylake and Broadwell line-ups, two of which are for desktops, and six of which are for mobile devices.

The desktop parts Intel has launched, which are both Skylake SKUs, have interesting product names: the Core i3-6098P and the Core i5-6402P. These two parts are similar to the i3-6100 and i5-6400 respectively, although with different base clock speeds: 3.6 GHz for the 6098P, and 2.8 GHz for the 6402P. The 6098P also features less cache, at 3 MB rather than 4 MB.

Intel has previously used a P suffix to designate a CPU without integrated graphics. As these new processors haven't appeared in Intel's ARK catalogue just yet, it's hard to know whether these new parts follow the same naming trend, or whether they differ in other ways.

Model Cores / Threads Base Frequency (GHz) L3 Cache Unit Pricing
Celeron 3855U 2/2 1.6 2MB $107
Celeron 3955U 2/2 2.0 2MB $107
Core i3-6098P 2/4 3.6 3MB $117
Core i5-6402P 2/4 2.8 6MB $182
Core i5-5200DU 2/4 2.2 3MB $281
Core i5-6198DU 2/4 2.3 3MB $281
Core i7-5500DU 2/4 2.4 4MB $393
Core i7-6498DU 2/4 2.5 4MB $393

The new mobile parts are split between Intel's Core and Celeron series. The Celeron parts, the 3855U and 3955U, are pretty basic, while the Core parts (the i5-5200DU, i5-6198DU, i7-5500DU, and i7-6498DU) appear to be very similar to existing parts, except with slightly lower base clock speeds. Interestingly, the new Core parts include a D suffix that we haven't seen before.

These new processors are set to hit the market shortly, and although they're probably not going to make it into your next build, you might seem them in upcoming OEM systems.